oil paint - handmade

Today I was finally able to make oil paints. I had some oxide colorants that I bought from soapmaking suppliers. I don't like to color my soap with oxides (too messy) so I saved them for this purpose.

It's a very simple process consisting of powdered pigment and linseed oil (your choice of boiled, sun-thickened, raw, unrefined). My first conquest was red oxide pigment.

This is after I mixed the pigment and boiled linseed oil with my palette knife:

Next I mulled the pigment to disperse the pigment better. This step is optional, but produces a much more even pigmentation in the paint.

This is the finished paint in a jar. It could be a little stiffer, but will work fine for my novice brush. :)

The second was titanium dioxide (this is the same titanium dioxide used in cosmetics) and the boiled linseed oil. I think next time I will use poppy oil for a more brilliant white.

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