Tuesday, April 04, 2017


The warp and weft are gray 22/2 Cottolin. The graphic is fingering weight wool. I'm using an Ashford Rigid Heddle loom with a 15 dpi reed.

I really like the process and the gauzy effect. I plan to do more of this.

This is the reverse of a transparency I'm weaving. I'm using Cottolin for the warp and weft and wool for the cartoon. I'm doing this on a rigid heddle loom. It's a rather enjoyable process. I like working sheer. This will be a curtain for my bathroom. #we

I am weaving my first transparent fabric. I'm using an Ashford rigid heddle loom. The yarn is 22/2 Cottolin with a 15 dent reed. I am going to do some inlays. I don't know what yet. Maybe clouds or simple blocks. A palm frond would be nice. We'll see. :)

Also, I bought a 25 dpi reed for my Glimakra loom.

25 dent reed This is going to make for much finer fabric. I'm currently working with a 10 dent reed. #thewoolery #woolery #weaversofinstagram #glimakra #glimåkra

And lastly, wool, alpaca, silk from Pittsburgh Knit Crochet Festival; Projects coming soon. :)

Wool, alpaca, silk from Pittsburgh Knit Crochet Festival Projects coming soon. :) #woolyarn #wool #yarn #weaversofinstagram