Saturday, August 13, 2016

and such

A quarter of the year has passed since my last post. I didn't notice and it's likely no one else did. But that's okay.

I have been weaving mostly:

Bailey is 16 years old now, he most likely won't be with us for much longer
My favorite picture of Bailey. :)

This is made with the Ashford Vari-dent reed. There is so much potential with this. I haven't even started with this yet. This reed makes it possible and easy to use any size yarn that the loom can use, super bulky, worsted, lace weight, fingering, etc. At first I didn't like this fabric, but it seriously has grown on me.
variable dent, varied yarns
variable dent, varied yarns

Tea towels!!
various cotton tea towels
various cotton tea towels
various cotton tea towels
diamond tea towels

indigo dyed superwash bulky wool yarn (i know i posted this before)
Bare Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky - Indigo!

throw from above yarn
Handwoven throw

mohair and metal
mohair and metal scarf or cowl

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