Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 2014

I forgot to add these from a dear friend, thanks Nikki & Lola!!!

An extravagant gift from my husband. The yarn from, the pattern from

I finished this filet stitch fun flower throw. It's my first throw, one of my first crochet projects
and it shows!

fliwers throw

I had a birthday and used it as an excuse to bake a fun, huge cake with my niece.
birthday cake

The plum and green throws were finished and sent to their recipients, Happy Birthday, Nikki and Michelle!
linen throws

Pizza is always good and is better with fresh basil.
pizza season


  1. You are just too hard on yourself!!! the throw is lovely. AND you attempted it in the first place!!! Bravo YOU! Now, thanks to this post - I am suffering from yarn and hydrangea envy!!!

  2. Pam, it's not so much that I'm particular, it's the fact that with crochet it's easier to accidentally add stitches than in knitting. Plus I got confused going around the corners. I had made a 'false' corner and ended up with five corners instead of four. I took that out and regrouped. :) But I couldn't tear it out again, because the yarn was getting a little rough. You're right, though, I do love this afghan. It's brightening up my living room as we speak


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