Saturday, January 12, 2013

first two (almost) weeks of Jan

Here is a stumpwork death's head hawk moth. It's out of control, really. Glow-in-the-dark paint = What was I thinking? It was fun to do. I made more mistakes than corrects on this one. As always, design, design, design first, create second. :)
death's head hawk moth

This light bulb was fun, easy and quick. There is a lot to be said for accepting a challenge, but it's nice to do something quick and easy sometimes, too. This is from my own pattern modeled after an image of an old style light bulb. Here is the image if you'd like to do one for yourself.
old fashioned light bulb

Just some images from the new year.

St Louis pizza, our style
St Louis pizza our style

chocolate (espresso & cinnamon) shortbread on National Shortbread day.
chocolate shortbread with espresso powder & a touch of cinnamon

This is my favorite tea.
now I can have this all year long - I love stash teas.

calici pasta with cherry tomatoes
three color calici pasta with cherry tomatoes, red onion and garlic

Buns on New Year's day looking snooty as usual
the Buns on New Year's Day

no explanation needed
beginning the new year

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