Tuesday, August 14, 2012

linen sheets - I finally did it.

I've been wanting linen sheets for years. I could have bought them, but I guess I am too frugal sometimes. Well, that and I do like to make things. :)

Here are my 'colors' from fabrics-store.com: natural & bleached
(I think they're out of the bleached at the moment) It's back in stock now.

I couldn't find 120" wide linen in the amounts I wanted. So I did that thing you are never supposed to do with sheeting: I stitched two halves together.

Originally, I had planned to sew two widths side by side. That would have given me a 118" width x 118". That's an awful big square and I didn't need it to be that wide. So I could have cut it some on both sides giving me ~ 118" x 90". This would require 6 yards each. But I ordered 5 yards of each, by mistake. I measured twice and still went and ordered incorrectly.

However, this worked out to my advantage. I cut both pieces of fabric in half. I ended up with two 2½ yard pieces of fabric in each color. I sewed the two pieces of each color back together at the selvage. (The seam is down around my knees, so I didn't notice it at all when sleeping on them.) All I had to do then was hem the sides so they won't ravel and that's it. Oh yeah, I also sewed the top hem down 4" for a more finished look on the top sheet. I did that for both of these so they will be interchangeable.

The selvage looks like trim. I love to use the selvage as part of the design.



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