Friday, July 27, 2012

entomology pillows

This is going to be a fun project. I am going to embroider these in the fall, winter or maybe if we ever have a rainy day here.

My plans for the fly, bee and dragonfly are to use a filmy fabric. I want to couch stitch the dragonfly body and use satin and long and short stitch for the rest.

Being a beginner, this is all going to be challenging. But I look forward to it.
fabric, floss and bugs!
The fabric from Jackson Fabric Arts, the insect patterns are from The Floss Box.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

embroidery - the scarab beetle

First try, mini-beetle, it's only about 1-inch square. It's just long and short stitch - mostly practice.

scarab beetle

This is my first 'big' embroidery project. It's not big, but it is for me. :) It's about 2¼" x 1½". The fabric is from Jackson Fabric Arts and the pattern is from The Floss Box.

I padded the body with felt. Most of the stitching is done in satin stitch, then long and short stitch with some metallic thread to give it more dimension.



scarab beetle head and shoulders

scarab beetle head and shoulders

scarab beetle

moving along

scarab, finished with metallic thread

scarab, finished with metallic thread

~10lbs of garlic harvested - yay!

We'll share a lot of it and have tons left over for winter cooking.