Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday, January 06, 2012

botanical dye tea towel revamp

This is a washed out natural color linen tea towel. It was one of several dingy looking towels that have been used for a year or two in the kitchen.
They are fine for use, but didn't look so good.

Before :(

Botanical dyed tea towels now have new life. :)

I feel like I have new tea towels.

From top to bottom:
alkanet - didn't expect that color, it's more purple in soap
indigo (2) - much lighter than I expected, but that's because i deviated from the directions
henna - i thought henna was auburn, but i do like this color
red sandalwood - this was a wonderful surprise
tea (2) - very subtle
turmeric (3) the bottom two were taken out allowed to dry and then put back in the dye bath - is this one great or what?

After :)