Tuesday, November 29, 2011

three more oven mitts

I love linen, browns and pears. :) I made the quilt lines curved so they would have a more organic look.

linen oven mitt linen oven mitt

This one has dark green linen & a gorgeous red & orange hand dyed cotton from JacksonFabricArts. I'm sending this as part of a gift for my son's host family in Spain.

green linen hand dyed cotton

Here is my second oven mitt. I saw other people being more creative with their quilting, so I made this one a little different. The quilt lines are like rays which I think goes with the bright yellow.

The white is linen and the green and yellow are hand-dyed cotton from JacksonFabricArts.
I'm still having a little trouble with the layers moving, so next time maybe I'll both baste and pin.

linen cotton

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