Wednesday, October 12, 2011

bookbinding - headband squareback book

This is a small book that I did my first by-the-book headband on. I was going to starch the linen tapes, but forgot.

I probably should have used less strands for the headbanding. But as this was my first real try, I thought it would be better to work with a thicker floss.

Dimensions are 4" x 5½" x ¾" (10cm x 14cm 1.9cm).

As you can see it's not finished. I am thinking to use a thick soft leather. If not that then probably a green dyed fabric from JacksonFabricArts. This leaf print fabric would be very nice.

linen from an old sewing project wonderful woven & sewn texture
green & olive 6-strand embroidery floss green & olive 6-strand embroidery floss

The headband is slanting to the left & lumpy. I need to pay more attention next time - which I thought I was, but not close enough :)

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