Wednesday, August 10, 2011

refreshing the back porch

This is the way it's been for years. It isn't very inviting, is it?
Could it get any worse? side

Here it is now. I like being out there with the curtains and fabric. It's like a room rather than a storage. The curtains are what I like best.
pinky block print cushions simple banner made of fabric leftovers
mod podged candle jars mod podged candle jars
sheer curtain movement

I had some muslin that I used as a tablecloth last Thanksgiving. I block printed some of it and dyed some of it. The dye color isn't right, but I'm inexperienced with fabric dying. Now I have a little experience. I do have experience with block printing, so that went better.
lino block pear
beverage ring mod podged candle jars

Grape lights make me smile. :)
grape lights

Thank you PRUDENT BABY for the sheet tutorial and the garland idea.