Tuesday, July 05, 2011

bookbinding - red & gold journal/notebook with mixed papers

covered book board, inside and paper sections:
gold and red, mixed papers inside gold

The cover is from JacksonFabricArts. The back is a buttery dark red leather.
outside gold front back

I used nine different types of paper. Canson pastel, drawing and bristol papers, Strathmore watercolor & drawing papers, Canson canva-paper, Mohawk super fine, rhodia, and Canson recycled drawing and mixed media papers.
top i ♥ texture

The binding is an exposed spine coptic. It's very simple. I really should learn to do more intricate bindings at some point. :) As you can see, the section thickness varies because the paper thickness varies. I did this intentionally.
spine spine

This should be a fun book to sketch in.

I learned this sewing from Non-Adhesive Binding Books without Paste or Glue by Keith Smith


  1. Hi there,

    this is a cool looking idea, and it should make much more that just a sketch book, but you could make it an artist book...

    They are very popular. Great selections and design...

    Stay in touch,



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