Wednesday, November 17, 2010

chocolate espresso shortbread.

chocolate espresso shortbread

I used this standard shortbread recipe.

After the shortbread was mixed, I stirred in 3oz of chopped chocolate (63% cacao) and about 1 1/2 tsp of espresso powder.

You can't imagine how wonderful these smell while baking. It's a like a coffee house and bakery all rolled into one. They taste good, too. :) The espresso takes the edge off of the sweetness.


  1. oh my god, these look *fantastic*! a definite book mark, for sure!
    re: the other hoo-ha over at my blog, i thought you probably were joking, but the thought of offending anyone was too much to bear, which is why i put the explanation. for goodness sake, please do not feel bad about it -it's me being completely over the top paranoid ;) x

  2. Thanks Lu, and thanks for your patience over my acting silly. Shortbread is a guilty pleasure that I rarely indulge in, to be sure, but it's just so easy to make and it always turns out as expected. That is what is so fun about the holidays, I can bake and give it away to unsuspecting relatives and friends. :)

  3. Oh my god these sound absolutely wonderful. I've printed your recipe in case it's different than mine and I'm going to give these a whirl this week.

  4. Terri, they are delicious, you won't be disappointed!


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