Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Another example of Paypal customer service. Check out what John Cole is dealing with.

I no longer deal with paypal due to a customer service issue I had last year. I asked a simple question about an error in my account and the tech support threw a temper tantrum via email. The problem worked itself out.


  1. After reading all the comments on John's site and those on sites that have linked to his, I am in a quandry as to how this company can remain in business! Isn't there some sort of business oversight? I mean, they aren't able to hide like Enron - this is in broad daylight.

  2. I thought the same thing, but they seem to be able to do as they please. When I had a little trouble with them, they kept sending me the exact same email every time I had a question. And to make matters worse, their tech support people were very rude.

  3. Wow, scary! I read the comments and followed some links too. Even 10 years ago they had a reputation for basically stealing from their customers and doing exactly these sorts of things, but from the look of it, it seems they've only gotten more brazen and above the law. Amazing.

    And as some of them pointed out also, if you could only see Meg Whitman's slick ads here in California, emphasizing the EBay logo (same corporate beast) and her amazing leadership there... and how she wants to do the same for California... Oew..... my queasy migraine is returning!

  4. I debated on signing up for a few years. I finally did, but I was lucky. I didn't have a problem that cost me any money.

    I couldn't log into my account for a while and they kept putting me off. They actually suggested I re-install my operating system at one point. There was nothing wrong with my computer. Then a few days later my account miraculously started working. That's when I decided to stop using them.

    I've read about Meg Whitman. Her amazing leadership is scary. I totally understand your queasy feeling!


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