Friday, June 11, 2010

potato progress book

I just love these postcards

My husband and I like to garden. I found this company while looking up fingerling potatoes. We decided to order some "seed potatoes" and try our luck. Yes, it's late in the year, but we want to try anyway. If we don't try, we're definitely not going to get any potatoes. :)

The company, Wood Prairie Farm, inluded a postcard for each variety ordered. How fun! Between the box and the postcards, I felt like I bought a bookbinding kit.
I added a folder to hold the included directions. The folder will also be used to track our potato growing progress.

This is the result.

The binding is a single sheet along the spine binding from Keith Smith's book. (Volume IV Non-Adhesive Binding: Smith's Sewing Single Sheets) . I used hemp twine instead of thread. The dimensions are 8" x 5" x ¾". (20cm x 13cm x 2cm)

front cover from box items we ordered & postcard
swedish peanut fingerling postcard folder for the growing guide & inc recipes
potato postcard book - top view spine


  1. Nice! I am growing fingerling potatoes this year also -- the pink kind, also heirloom. Can't wait to eat them in the fall!

  2. Thank you! We've not grown potatoes before and I'm really excited about these.


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