Sunday, June 13, 2010

bookbinding - miniature book & grape bead

I made this to use up paper scraps. It's a half-fail. It's not a complete fail because it's still a book. It just needs help staying closed. :) I do like the little grape cluster bead.

I didn't think this one through, It was supposed to be a coptic, but I didn't have enough piercings for what I wanted to do. Hence, I have a book that won't stay closed and moves from side to side & up and down.

It's a mere 1½" x 1½" x 2"(3.8cm x 3.8cm x 5cm).

tied up so it stays closed ☺ cylindrical

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  1. i don't know anything about making books, but that's just cool!

  2. Thanks Michele! Next time I'll spend more time on the design. :)


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