Thursday, May 06, 2010

bookbinding - italian red wine box art covers with single sheet pages

The cover is one half of a hexagonal box that had a gorgeous bottle of Italian red wine. I used single sheets rather than signatures. Dimensions, 15" x 7 ¾ " x 2 ½" inches (38.10cm x 19.7cm x 6.35cm). I don't generally like tall books. But this one is fun. (I decided to leave it full height) Since the box was a hexagon, the folds are permanent.

The pages are cardboard cut from boxes. I painted gesso mixed with pumice and background color on the pages. The pumice is too coarse. I had two grains from soapmaking and I chose the wrong one. It will be interesting to work on, no doubt.

standing tall back, spine, cover

"pages" yellow threads

edited to add share

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