Wednesday, January 20, 2010

19 gorgeous new papers from papermojo

Fourteen 8.5" x 11" sheets of marbled papers, four chiyogami papers and one leaf paper. These will be used for bookbinding projects - covers, endpapers and so on.

Marbled Momi Paper Silver Opal Handmade Marbled Paper Mango Green and Gold Handmade Marbled Paper White and Gold Riptide Marbled Paper Nutmeg and Kiwi Riptide Marbled Paper Aqua and Lemon Agate Marbled Paper Coral Aquamarine and Gold Florentine Marble Red Shell Florentine Marble Blue Peacock Florentine Marble Burgundy and Gold Veined French Marble Paper Eucalyptus Green Crepaldi Marbles Red and Blue Antique Spot Crepaldi Marbles Aubergine Waved Chevron Crepaldi Marbles Green Waved Git-Gel Crepaldi Marbles Wine and Rose Swirl Chiyogami Flower Power Black and Red Chiyogami Cranes and Geese traditional Chiyogami Parasols and Fans Chiyogami Bamboo Blossomson Red Handmade Pond Leaf sage green
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