Friday, December 18, 2009

customer service paypal (an ebay company) style *smirk

Whatever you do, don’t tell paypal ‘customer service’ that shipping is down. Use another term. The ‘customer service’ people get so upset that they have trouble typing. And why is it unfortunate when shipping isn’t down?

What is unfortunate is when ‘customer service’ starts pointing fingers in the wrong direction: there is nothing wrong with my computer, internet connection or the customer’s address. The USPS click ‘n ship site printed the label and the buyer had her package in three days.

Check out the suggested fixes, I love the one where you just go in and retype the customer’s name. I guess they figure I’ll keep busy and forget that their shipping isn’t working. Another good one is where you clear your cookies and cache and then try a new browser! What happens when I run out of new browsers and the shipping still won’t work????

So, I give paypal (an ebay company) ‘customer service’ three thumbs down for service.

Thank you for contacting PayPal, my name is _____ and I am happy to
assist you today.

Unfortunately shipping is no “down”. When you receive this message it
could be for different reasons.
I suggest clearing cache and cookies and maybe try a new browser.
Please follow the info below also.

I regret the difficulties you have experienced with your USPS shipping
transaction. Here are some tips to assist you:

Ship To address section:

If you are getting the error “PayPal Shipping is unavailable” or “Not
available, not charged – try later”, click the “Edit Address” link in
the Ship To section to fix this issue. Fill in the correct first and
last name, and each address field and save your changes.

* When viewing the Ship To address section, it may look correct to
you. However, you need to click the “Edit Address” link and enter the
correct information in the fields to complete your label.

Once the name and address fields are corrected, your label should print

Internet Connection:

A good internet connection is vital for the completion of your shipping
transaction. Connection interruptions can cause errors when trying to
create, reprint, and void labels.

* If you were trying to create or reprint a label, try again at a
later time when a good connection can be maintained throughout the
* If you were trying to void a label, please keep trying to void the
label for the next 48 hours.
* If you are unable to void your label, contact us with the date the
label was created, transaction number, dollar amount of the shipping
label, and we will be happy to research this for you.

If your label is voided successfully, a credit will automatically post
to your PayPal account for the unused label.

* For Parcel Post or Media Mail labels, a credit will post after 21
calendar days of the label creation.
* A credit for all other U.S. Postal Service Mail services will post
after 15 calendar days since the label was created. This credit will
include any insurance or shipping services purchased at the time of the
label creation.