Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lego Jounal/Notebook

I made this for my nephew who is a fan of Lego Bionicles. The front and back covers are 5" x 5" Lego base plates. His name is written in caution blocks. The closure is a string with a round 1 x 1 Lego block on each end. It's not a super secure closure, but he'll like it this way. The paper is just a variety of white printer, cream resume, construction, graph and vellum with one page from the packing materials from when I ordered the base plate.

cover with closures Lego cover journal
bionicle tracing paper
back with closures


  1. That's very nice! I'm no big fan of Lego but I thought that is one really cool notebook. Lego always bring back to me the days of Outworld Arts ANSI graphics ;-) Excellent photography too.

  2. Hey, thanks! I use the the picnik software at flickr to lighten things up.

    My nephew is only 10. He still likes lego, but only the Bionicles.

    I kind of like the regular lego blocks. It does remind me of ANSI, too, now that you mention it.


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