Saturday, July 12, 2008

verdigris is my favorite color


  1. Hello :)

    verdigris... cue !
    btw > "vert-de-gris" ~ green-from-grey

    best wishes,

  2. also:

    [Origin: 1250–1300; < MF vert de gris; r. ME vertegrez < AF vert de Grece, OF vere grez green of Greece]

  3. Or...
    vertegrez may come from:
    OF vert-aigret < vert aigri = embittered green = green produced by acidity

    i wonder if this "vert de Grèce" has ever come from Greece

    Best wishes

  4. And yet another's opinion:

    "Verdigris is a perfectly good English word. It refers to the green patina that forms on copper, brass and bronze after long exposure to the atmosphere -- the Statue of Liberty being an iconic example. At first glance, you might think it comes from the French or Italian for gray-green (verdi [green] + gris [gray]) -- and apparently R&K thought so, at least judging from the scan, which ... certainly looks gray-green here (and is described as such in some sales material, e.g., -- but you'd be wrong. The dictionary says the derivation is from "vert-de-Grice", French for "green of Greece", i.e., a much lighter, Mediterranean green."

    As fun as words may be to some, I simply like the color. :)


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