Tuesday, April 08, 2008

squalane is back at spartasoap.com

I have brought back olive squalane and re-packaged it in a dropper bottle. The bottle is glass as is the dropper. The bottle is hand frosted and no two are exactly alike.

Squalane can be purchased from the Sparta Soap website: spartasoap.com
Use the menu on the left and click on Squalane.

More information:
Olive Squalane is a colorless, light oil derived from olive oil. It has a silky feel, sinks in fast and is not greasy. It is excellent under make-up or before bedtime. Like olive oil, it does not interfere with normal skin functions. Our Olive Squalane is packaged in our own hand frosted 1 fluid ounce dropper bottle. A few drops is all most skin types need. We've tried various serum pumps, but they often stop working before the product is used up. Our squalane is unscented and odorless. Ingredients: Squalane

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with flash 100_2383b drop close up - with flash


  1. Sandy,
    Did you paint the picture? I love it! You are definitely a lady of many talents!

  2. Sandy,
    Just a quick question. I've never used anything like this before. Is it good for like the under eye area. The rest of my face tends to be oily but under the eyes is dryer.

  3. Hi Sherry, Do you mean the apple? Yes that was me. Painting is what I've wanted to do. But I wanted my family first, so I put it aside until now. I need to do a lot of study work, but that's fun, too.

    Thank you, I appreciate that, because I think you're very talented, too!

  4. About the squalane, I know exactly what you mean, I have the same skin. I use it around my eyes. I've even used it on my face when I get windburn and it's never greasy feeling.
    Hey, how about if I stick a little sample in an envelope and send it to you?
    If you want to send me your address in an etsy convo, I'll send you a sample out.


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