Thursday, March 06, 2008

Paypal™ shipping link

This is a very handy link for purchasing and printing labels through Paypal™. You can use it to send a package to anyone, even if they don't pay you with Paypal™. Actually you can use this even if they don't pay you at all. :) I used to use this to purchase labels to send packages to my son when he was deployed to Iraq.

I've had many people ask me for this link, so I thought I would post it here. You do have to have a Paypal™ account to use this.
Note: this is not the same thing as Paypal Multiorder Shipping. This link will give a blank form that will allow you to enter any valid address, including international addresses.

Why use this instead of the USPS Click-N-Ship®? Because this form allows you to print First Class, Parcel Post & Media Mail labels, in addition to Priority and Express Mail. Click-N-Ship® doesn't offer First Class, Parcel Post or Media Mail label purchases. Another reason is that you purchase delivery confirmation for only $.18. If you take your package to the Post Office, delivery confirmation for First Class, Parcel Post and Media Mail is $.75.

In addition to saving money, having your labels printed means no waiting in Post Office lines.

And just so I don't get any weird questions: I am not affiliated with the United States Postal Service® or Paypal™. I'm just posting the link. If you have any problem with using this link or with anything on Paypal™, you must contact Paypal™. I do not work for Paypal™ and will not be able to help you.

edited to add: Prices listed above were current as of March 6, 2008. Shipping prices are subject to change.

One more edit before I receive more spam comments: I'm not trying to persuade people to use this method. This post is for people who have asked me for the link. The rest of you should continue using what you are happy with.

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