Sunday, March 16, 2008

jewelry @ etsy

I've never worn much jewelry. I have a few pieces of good jewelry. And I've had some (mostly fun) earrings, but not much beyond that. And then I discovered the creative people at etsy.
Each seller has been great - gorgeous items, fast shipping and friendly communications.

Here is a list of everyone I've purchased from or traded with, the link will take you to the item.
(alphabetical order)

acolloquist - Snow White necklace

AmpersandByAli - dew drop earrings

AWBAR - Green glitter light bulb earrings
AWBAR - Red Glitter Light Bulb Earrings
AWBAR - green light bulb earrings
AWBAR - red light bulb earrings
AWBAR - yellow light bulb earrings
All proceeds from the above earrings go to help Ringer and his friends at Abandoned Wild Babies Animal Rescue (AWBAR).

bloomingbeads - Tropical vacation earrings

celebrations - Serpentine Hearts earrings

creationsbycarleen - Green Butterfly Pendant
creationsbycarleen - Crystal Wish Keychain
creationsbycarleen - Tofino Sunset Earrings

dahliasforme - Chunky Green Necklace
dahliasforme - Silver Blossom Necklace
dahliasforme - Snowball Earrings
dahliasforme - Tina Earrings
dahliasforme - Venetian Round Necklace
dahliasforme - Vintage Turquoise Filigree Earrings
dahliasforme - Winter Branch Earrings

dottedwithhearts - 57 chevy earrings

GingerbreadSupplies - brass earring hooks

GreenThumbDesigns - Vintage Glass Stud Earrings, nickel free

jennysearring - Light Bulb with Genuine Coral earrings

LilikoiDesigner - Purity earrings

MithrilDreams - Pink Heart earrings

RusticRainbow - Sunflower Polymerclay Jewelry Set

stonetotem - Citrine Chunk Necklace

tqbdesigns - Beaded Round on Chain - honey necklace

vintaj - Black Earth Pretty Petals earrings

walkonthemoon - Battalion - Fabulous Copper Filigree Flower Earrings

wildpen - Petite Earthy Earrings with Peridot and Amber Accents

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  1. Thanks so much Sandy for purchasing from me and for allowing me to be a part of your fabulous list! There are so many great artists on Etsy, and I am glad you chose one of mine!



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