Friday, March 07, 2008

It's alive!!! - sourdough starter

This might not be pretty in the conventional sense, but it's a beautiful thing to me.

This is a sourdough starter made with equal parts flour and water. I haven't added any commercial yeast. This is just the yeast spores it picked up on it's own in my kitchen.

The particulars:

1 cup organic 50-50 flour *
1 cup purified bottled water

I mixed the flour and water together, cover and let sit on counter for three days, stirring it together once every 12 hours. It's not quite sour yet, that will be tomorrow. Then I will 'feed' it by adding another 1:1 ratio of flour and water. I've done this once (successfully) before. I am hoping to make bread with it on Sunday or Monday. I'll post another blog with the finished product - good or bad. :)

It's best to use organic flour and purified water so the yeast growth isn't inhibited. After all, yeast growth is part of what preservatives and chlorinated water are supposed to prevent.

* 50-50 flour is a pre-blended mix of equal parts whole wheat and unbleached flour

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