Friday, June 01, 2007

Today I bake, tomorrow I brew. . .

Not really, I baked four kinds of bread on Monday and Tuesday (eight loaves) and I don't brew anything.
But I do have to make Lava Lemongrass & Ruby Red Grapefruit soap.

Ruby Red Grapefruit is a simple blend of ruby red & pink grapefruit and litsea (may chang) essential oils and is colored with madder root.

Lava Lemongrass is made with rhassoul (moroccan lava) clay and lemongrass essential oil. I love the simplicity of a one note fragrance. As an added bonus, the lemongrass essential oil colors the soap a pretty lemon yellow.
Afterwards, I hope to be able to bring out the oil paints, pastels or watercolors and paint a still life with three kinds of apples and one pear.

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