Thursday, March 09, 2017

wool blanket wip, two finishes, muffins, and pillow covers

(photo quality isn't that great here, sorry)

Julia loom, waiting for warp,

New warp, this is Knitpicks palette yarn, fingering weight in 100% Peruvian wool. I'm weaving three panels of double wdth cloth for an earthy colors blamket. I plan to full it a little.

three Peruvian wool warps, Pallette yarn fro Knitpicks These are for three separate panels. so nice and earthy

threading the heddles, Since this is double width (two layer) cloth, I will have two threads per dent. That's why I have the 1 & 2 threads and the 3 & 4 threads tied together with a slip knot. #threading #glimåkraloom #glimakraloom #warp #handweaversofins

16/2 color grown cotton tea towels and some bright 8/2 cotton, except I beat them a little too hard. Next time I will do 20 dpi instead of 30 dpi.
Tea towel and table runner fabric, I wove these in 8/2 cotton.  on an 8 shaft Glimakra Julia loom. It's twill. I beat a little too hard and it almost feels like upholstery fabric. I haven't cut it yet. I like the feel and weight of the 4 1/2 yards.

Here is my third and final cotton blanket. I only wanted two blankets, but decided this would be a great way to use up all of the Peaches n Cream cotton I had. :) And it was.
I finished my third cotton blanket. I did three panels on my 32 inch Ashford heddle loom. I made this one to use up the yarn I bought for the first twoI was surprised how well these colors worked together. .

A bright mohair and viscose scarf on the cricket loom
Mohair and viscose scarf on a cricket loom, I did the mohair as warp which was challenging in a hairy sort of way. :)

Valentine's Day baking
triple citrus quick bread for Valentine's day breakfast

Chocolate red wine cake with mascarpone frosting, for Valentine's day dessert.

Grapefruit muffins, just substitute grapefruit for lemon next time you make lemon muffins
Grapefruit muffins

it's hard to not like pink, I think
Silly embroidery, wip

airmail & travel theme
fun pillows with airmail and travel themes

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Glimakra loom and first cotton weave

I think this loom is so elegant. There is a simplicity to it that is just right for me.

The yarn is from Lunatic Fringe Yarns and is color grown cotton. Color grown means that the cotton hasn't been dyed, it grows that color naturally. I find that fascinating.

This will either be four longish tea towels or two tea towels and a runner. I'm not sure yet.

Glimâkra Julia loom, finally

on the warping board

warp chain

threading the heddles


almost weaving

quills for a boat shuttle


Saturday, October 22, 2016

two finishes, handwoven blankets


I decided on a simple single crochet border in red rather than satin blanket binding.

I'm really pleased with this. It washed up beautifully.

The panel seams are not all that noticeable even though my weaving wasn't as uniform as it should have been.

I love a cotton blanket, but it is a bit heavy

I'm going to do more with wool in the near future.
hand woven cotton blanket


I had a lapse in judgement and bought some yarn because it was a good price. I very rarely do that, I'm not sure why I did it this time. Most of it is wool and I don't have a wool throw. So I wove it all up into this weird throw.

Most of this yarn is bulky wool and some of it is mohair with metallic. I don't even like metallic most of the time. What was I thinking? I also have some roving leftover from when I made felted crochet hot pads.

If nothing else, I'm sure it will be very itchy! :) This is before wet finishing. I plan to full it quite a bit, because that will make it even weirder. haha!!

But in the end it was fun to weave. I did doubleweave, double width on an Ashford 32-inch rigid heddle loom with 2.5 dent heddles. And I really don't mind its looks.

wool (mostly) throw, woven

Sunday, October 16, 2016

weaving a cotton blanket

I am weaving a waffle weave cotton worsted weight blanket. The colors are white and cream. It's a loose weave.

I'm using a 5 dent reed. I like the simplicity and openness of it.

I used Peaches n Cream cotton yarn in cones.

I plan on adding binding to the top and bottom or maybe some crochet border. At first I was thinking of the satin binding you usually see on blankets, but now I'm thinking of using a regular cotton fabric.

This is woven on a 32" Ashford rigid heddle loom in plainweave. I'm weaving three separate panels and then sewing together. It will come together and possibly shrink a little once washed.

So far I'm very happy with it.

I want to work more with wool, but I do so love a cotton blanket.

cotton blanket

cotton blanket

cotton blanket