Sunday, March 01, 2015


I've been unfocused as usual and have been trying new things. At this rate, I will never master anything.

I love polar bears, well, who doesn't, right? This is my own pattern embroidered on a linen / cotton blend fabric that I dyed with indigo. The color of the fabric was natural. That's why the indigo color is so nice and soft.
two more polar bears tea towels

I call this the "heart of darkness" because the center of the yarn balls were tangling. It's sock yarn woven on a rigid heddle loom.
"heart of darkness"

"heart of darkness"

I have no idea why I had to try this... (knitted)
blue burmese knit cat

This is a great pattern, so natural and simple in cotton.
crochet cotton coasters

Here is some more weaving. It's in cotton. I rather like weaving.
woven towels

This afghan was knitted with three strands of worsted yarn. I did the swatching and all that, but didn't know how to count the stitches correctly. So I ended up with a 72" wide x 34" long afghan. Sure, you can turn it around, and have it be 34" wide x 72" lon but that's still not a nice size. It's just weird. :D So I took it apart and am re-knitting. My husband calls the huge yarn balls Jupiter and Neptune because they're so huge.
big thick blanket redo

Okay, I REALLY like crocheting potholders - a lot.
bobble stitch pot holder
These are simpler with some made out of baker's twine.
crochet potholders

I'm not much into toys so much, but I love some things, like this knitted cashmere bunny.
little bunny

This fairy doll completely won me over. She was supposed to be knitted with organic cotton, but I don't feel my knitting warrants that yet. I used DK weight acrylic. I like her ears. They remind me of Nosferatu. That's why I didn't give her hair. I like her like this.
my fairy

Friday, November 14, 2014

boho window

I dyed thin muslin with Rit dye. Yeah, I'm on the cheap here! :) I wanted a quick inexpensive update to my super drab window treatments.

I'm not going to sew the panels into one curtain. I like that I can have them spread out to let light in or bunch them together.

(photo is so grainy, but it suits in a way)

boho curtain panels

boho curtain panels

Thursday, October 23, 2014

polar bear with bright pink cowl :)

polar bear with bright pink cowl :)

crochet bear, knitted cowl, bought pattern, The pattern was great, but this was difficult for me. It's my first crochet animal and probably my last. I just wanted a polar bear. I didn't give him facial features. I like him better like this. He's pretty big, too, about 20" long give or take

Sunday, October 19, 2014

soap for fall / winter 2014

yay! peppermint, rosemary, petitgrain, eucalyptus and lavender - with clays